Parking Lot & Sidewalk

Parking lot and Sidewalks are one of the first things your customers and clients are going to see, and make their first impression. With our full line of parking lot cleaning services, you can keep your business' parking lot area looking pristine. If your parking lot is newly washed and well maintained, it can send the message to your customers that your business emphasizes attention to detail.


The exterior of your building is the most visible aspect of your business, and should have everything in your power to keep it looking at its best. When you're in need of comprehensive building washing services to keep your business property looking presentable, our team of skilled commercial pressure washing experts are here to help.

Gas Stations

Does your lot have grim buildup, dark spots, and looking in rough shape? Make your Gas Station stand out compared to the others with the help from Wyo Wash.

Restaurants/ Drive-Thrus

Drive-thru sticky and gross? Make the best impression from your customers with our help to clean and wash your lot and drive-thru. Don't let a dirty parking lot or drive-thru scare your hungry customers away.


Don't let dirty vehicles bring your business down. With our gentle soaps, give your fleet vehicle the potential for advertisement and the care they need. Whether it's under the hood or exterior, Wyo Wash has you covered.

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